We are specialists in the manufacture and distribution of accessories, machinery, welding machines, valves, hydraulic manifold, and systems and solutions of all types for piping fluids, mainly for the water and gas industries.

We are well known for developing new technologies, such as the introduction of polyethylene accessories nationally, and for developing improvements for existing products such as the manufacture of the first combined machine for electrofusion welding and butt welding in the world. Our aim is always to meet and anticipate market evolution and needs.


We provide solutions for plastic pipes of polyethylene, polypropylene and PVC, rigid, cast pipes of steel and pipes of fibre cement, for the full water and gas cycle, from acquirement to distribution and final recycling.

We provide solutions in plastic pipes made of polyethylene, polypropylene and PVFabricamos or distribute under the most demanding standards

We conduct, in accordance with the strictest regulations, the manufacture and distribution of branch connections, universal joints, protective coating, repair clamps and bypass clamps, drilling machines, polyethylene accessories, automatic valves, retention, control and gate valves, control and measurement systems, steel flanges for PE, brass fittings, hydraulic manifold for homes, equipment and tools, and all solutions that we consider will provide final solutions for the handling and assembly of piping of all types and diameter in demanding sectors such as gas, water and industry.

This versatility brings us even greater strength within these sectors on a national level, and confidence regarding the consolidation and recognition of international markets that we have gained over time.

Acuster has always responded to the needs of the market over the years. As a result, Acuster has a wide range of solutions and products that are a benchmark in the water and gas industries and have received national and international recognition.