Valves, fittings, welding machines, tools and management of piping fluids

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Acuster Bahisa

We are specialists in the manufacture and distribution of accessories, machinery, welding machines, valves, hydraulic manifold, and systems and solutions of all types for piping fluids, mainly for the water and gas industries. See more



Our ZUM (Multiple Uses Area) is an initiative that meets the requirements of our constantly evolving market. We organize courses, conferences, roundtables and trainings, converting our space into a permanent meeting point and a link for all companies related to the piping systems. See more

Acuster Bahisa Products

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Piping Systems

All types of products that provide solutions for both implementation in new buildings and the maintenance and repair of existing piping systems. Assembly, bypass, connections, repair, protection, sealing, transitions and welding are terms that we cover through the long list of solutions we bring to both plastic piping (polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC, etc.) and metallic or rigid piping (cast, steel, fibre cement, etc.), without constraints in terms of diameter. See more


Welding machines

The Acuster Group is manufacturer of welding machines for thermoplastic pipes (PE, PP, PVDF, etc.), as well as equipment and tools to handle this type of piping. We are the only Spanish company that develops and manufactures welding technology for plastic pipes (electrofusion welding and butt welding) and we are internationally recognised in this field. . See more



manufacture and commercialisation of manifold for drinking water meters made from polypropylene and polyethylene, and galvanised steel and stainless steel metal, as well as input and output meter valves by the Gatell brand, valves for individual connections, ball valves and all types of related accessories. See more